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Tailored quantum nanosystems: electronics – photophysics – interactions  collective behavior

The research of the nanoelectronics group focuses on emergent and interaction driven phenomena of two-dimensional quantum materials, two-dimensional charge carrier systems, related hetero-, and hybrid structures as well as interfaces. The aim is to gain a fundamental understanding of the physical properties of those systems, and to learn – in a next step – to control and tailor them on purpose with the vision to achieve novel functionalities and at the same time to look for potential application in an interdisciplinary context.  These low-dimensional systems are therefore integrated in nano- and microscale circuitries, as well as in proof-of-concept and prototypical devices to explore their potential for opto-/electronic or energy harvesting applications and to serve as test-bed structures towards quantum technologies.


For all above research directions, we thank Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for funding in several projects.