Die Institutsgruppe 1 (IG1)

Welcome to the AG Wurstbauer


Tailored Quantum Nanosystems: electronics – photophysics – interactions  collective behavior

We experimentally explore the fascinating properties of modern solid state nanosystems with a current focus on 2D systems and van der Waals hetero- and hybridstructures. Our aim is to gain fundamental understanding of such systems, their electronic and optical properties, underlying low-energy excitations, and collective as well as on interaction driven phenomena. The goal is to learn in a subsequent step to control and tailor their properties on purpose with the vision to achieve novel functionalities and at the same time to look for potential applications in an interdisciplinary context. Therefore, the nanosystems are integrated in proof-of-concept and prototypical devices to explore their potential for opto-/electronic, solar energy harvesting and catalytic applications, and to serve as test-bed structures towards quantum technologies.

Since we started at the WWU in 2019, part of our group is still located at the Walter Schottky Institute of the Technical University of Munich (WSI-TUM). Please visit also our sites at WSI-TUM.

For all above research directions, we thank Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for funding in several projects. In particular, we are grateful for the support of the excellence cluster Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM) and the excellence initiative e-conversion. Morover, we thank the International Graduate School for Science and Engineering of TUM (IGSSE), the Bavaria California Technology Center (BaCaTeC) for support.