European Research Council awards Armido Studer an Advanced Grant

Prof. Dr. Armido Studer to receive 2.5 million euros for project on hydrogen atom transfer reactions
© Niklas Arndt


Armido Studer receives an ERC Advanced Grant from the European Research Council.

With this funding, he wants to conduct research on radical water activation over the next five years, a field of research investigating reactions driven by hydrogen atoms from water.

More information and the University press release can be found here (in German)!

SmartMatters4You wins equal opportunity award from the University of Münster

© CRC1459



SmartMatters4You - the programme targeted towards female high school students and a cooperation between MExLab Physik and the CRC1459 Intelligent Matter was honored with this year´s Gender Equality Award during the University of Münster New Year´s Reception.

The programme aims to increase the relative small number of female students in participating Physics and Chemistry degree programmes by providing insights into research in the field of intelligent matter and through personal contact with researchers.

More information on the programme can be found here!

CRC1459 Research Proposal Winner announced

Marc Beuel to win the second CRC1459 Research Proposal competition
© Niklas Arndt


Marc´s proposed work on adaptive semi-interpenetrating networks of PEDOT:PSS hydrogels and mediating eRAFT polymers for neuromorphic electronics will be funded for one year by the CRC1459 starting in January 2024. We would like to congratulate him again and wish him good luck with his research!

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