CRC1459 Research Proposals

Research proposals support innovative interdisciplinary projects at the PhD student or postdoc level between CRC 1459 laboratories and therefore promote careers of junior researchers, and foster the interdisciplinary teamwork of junior researchers.

Research proposals should aim at the identification and exploration of new interdisciplinary research fields, or the development of new methods and methodologies between interdisciplinary research topics in all fields related to Intelligent Matter. The topics should be new, creative and can be of high risk.

1. Selection criteria and evaluation

The selection criteria for submitted proposals include:

  • Novelty of the research concept; originality of the approach
  • Scientific quality of the project
  • Relevance to the research focus ‘Intelligent Matter’
  • IInterdisciplinary (participation of at least two labs from different disciplines) is recommended 
  • Quality of the project planning, structure and cost plan
  • Value of the project to foster an independent career of the applicants


2. General conditions:

Eligibility: Doctoral researchers or postdocs from CRC 1459 labs or its associated scientific community. Please submit only one project per person.
Deadline for submission: August, 31st
Project start: January of the following year
Presentations: Fall (during research seminars or retreats)
Project duration: up to 12 months
Funding: max. EUR 5 000/project
Eligible costs: consumables, small equipment, support by a student assistant

After the funding period, a written report (2-3 pages) has to be submitted & the results of the projects have to be presented to the CRC 1459 community.


3. Application procedure:

Provided application template should be used. Applications are to be sent to and marked 'CRC 1459 Research Proposal'.

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4. Funded projects:

IM-2022-01: Photo-responsive dextran-based hydrogels for controlled cell behaviour

Project leaders: Saskia Frank and Inka Schröter

Funded Period: 01-01_12-31_2023