Richard Rorty

Richard Rorty: His Philosophy Under Discussion, hrsg. v. Andreas Vieth, Frankfurt, Main: ontos, 2005 (3-937202-71-4).

Poster zum öffentlichen Abendvortrag "The Brain as Hardware, Culture as Software" (Download im PDF-Format)
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Homepage von Prof. Rorty an der Stanford University, Kalifornien, USA
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Without doubt Richard Rorty is one of the most honored, famous and disputed philosophers of our days. All over the world interest in his inspiring and provoking thoughts goes beyond the circles of academic philosophy. The present volume includes "The Brain as Hardware, Culture as Software" and "Philosophy-Envy" of Richard Rorty, papers presented by students of the philosophy department at university of Münster and Rorty’s responses to and comments on them. Rorty’s lecture has been publicly presented at the 8. Münstersche Vorlesungen zur Philosophie on may 26th 2004. The students presented their intensively prepared papers on the following day. The volume gives an overview of the main topics of his philosophy as well as a detailed analysis of central concepts.



  • Lecture: The Brain as Hardware, Culture as Software by Richard Rorty
  • Philosophy-Envy by Richard Rorty
  • Strong poets, Privileged Self-Narration, and We Liberals by Tim Henning, Eva-Maria Parthe, Thilo Rissing, Judith Sieverding, Mario Wenning
  • The Liberal Ironist between National Pride and Global Solidarity by Simon Derpmann, Georg M. Kleemann, Andreas Kösters, Sebastian Laukötter, David Schweikard
  • Pragmatism, Realism, and Science by Marius Backmann, Andreas Berg-Hildebrand, Marie Kaiser, Michael Pohl, Raja Rosenhagen, Christian Suhm, Robert Velten
  • Is Rorty’s Non-Reductive Naturalism Reductive? by Attila Karakuş, Andreas Vieth
  • Skepticism, Correspondence, and Truth by Nikola Kompa, Sebastian Muders, Sebastian Schmoranzer, Christian Weidemann
  • Strong and Weak Metaphysical Quietism by Stefan Heßbrüggen, Julia Heße, Rudolf Owen Müllan, Stefan Reins, Ulrike Schuster, Markus Seidel
  • The World Regained? by Ludwig Siep
  • Comments and Responses by Richard Rorty

"The papers are of very high quality indeed, and the level of discussion during the day I spent with the students was equally high. I have never, in any university, encountered students who combined such detailed knowledge of my writings with such penetrating criticisms of my views." (Richard Rorty)

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