New Young Research Fellow: Francesco Pediconi

Francesco Pediconi
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We are delighted that Francesco Pediconi joins our Cluster as a new Young Research Fellow. He is a Junior Assistant Professor ("RTD-a" in the Italian system) at the Università di Firenze, working in real and complex differential geometry. During his stay at Mathematics Münster from 16 July to 13 August 2023 he is collaborating with Dr. Anusha Krishnan and other scientists of Mathematics Münster.
His research interests in Lie theory include local Lie transformation groups on manifolds, homogeneous and locally homogeneous spaces. His work in geometric analysis relates to convergence of Riemannian manifolds, geometric flows, and elliptic PDEs on Riemannian manifolds.
Francesco Pediconi received his PhD in Mathematics at the Università di Firenze in 2020. Subsequently he held postdoctoral positions at Firenze and at Aarhus University before taking up his current position at Firenze in 2022.

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