New Young Research Fellow: Tom Bachmann (MIT)

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Tom Bachmann (MIT) joins Mathematics Münster as a Young Research Fellow and will spend two weeks in January doing research in Münster. He is a young, uprising researcher in motivic homotopy theory and K-theory. Welcome!

His work focuses on analyzing deep structural properties of the motivic homotopy categories and he has already an impressive list of publications in leading journals (e.g. Duke). He has introduced new perspective one some of the hard problems in motivic homotopy theory and will certainly keep reinventing the basics of the field. His recent work (mostly joint with Marc Hoyois and different changing coauthors) focuses on given a description of the motovic homotopy category and commutative algebras based on “motivic transfers” in the style of Voevodsky. He also generalizes deep results from ordinary homotopy theory to the motivic setting.

Mathematics Münster's programme for "Young Research Fellows"