Call: Study abroad scholarships for WWU MSc Mathematics students

The Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster is offering up to four scholarships for current MSc Mathematics students to experience a period of 1 to 6 months abroad at an excellent university. Students may attend courses at the institution abroad or work on their master’s thesis. The stay also provides an opportunity to make valuable international connections around the globe.

Programme Aims

There are two types of scholarships targeting non-European universities. Short stays of 1-3 months support project work, e.g. preparation of the master’s thesis, while longer stays of up to 6 months enable participation in lectures and seminars.


The scholarship is intended as a supplement to funding through PROMOS programme or similar funding opportunities, if applicable. Funds may be used to cover: tuition fees at the university of choice (in the case of long stays), a monthly payment of up to €500 and a lump sum to cover travel costs. Please note that in the case of PROMOS funding, the PROMOS conditions stipulate, among other things, that simultaneous participation in seminars and the completion of a master's thesis is not possible.

Target Group

MSc Mathematics students who have already completed at least one year in the master’s programme at WWU but have not yet finished their master’s thesis.

Conditions and required documents

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled as a MSc student in Mathematics Münster.
  • A parallel application to PROMOS ( or a similar programme is mandatory and must be proven. If not applicable, a written justification is required. That means, you are still eligible to apply for MMstudyabroad, if there are no additional funding opportunities for your planned destination country.
  • A statement of purpose containing a project description or study plan.
  • Your curriculum vitae (in English)
  • Academic transcript
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member at your host institution.
  • A letter of recommendation from a supporting professor at WWU.
  • Note: The two letters of recommendation should be submitted directly from the letter writers to the Mathematics Department at WWU at the email
  • A statement of costs (accommodation costs, travel costs and, for long-term stays, tuition fees)
  • Please check whether your host university requires additional proof of proficient knowledge of English (B2) or adequate TOEFL, IELTS or whether the enrolment in MSc Mathematics Münster is sufficient.

Application details

This programme has two annual target dates: 15 April and 15 November. Send your complete application to For questions and advice on applications contact us at this same email address.