Erasmus at the Department of Political Science (Incoming)

If you are interested to study at the Department of Political Sciences (IfPol) under an Exchange Programme, you firstly have to be nominated by your home university for a study at the University of Münster. The International Office of the University of Münster can provide you more information regarding the application procedure at our university.

For further questions regarding your study at our department,  your Learning Agreement, etc. please have a look at our Erasmus+ FAQ or contact Tobias Schmidtke at the Exchange Office.

Urgent documents can also be delivered personally in the ERASMUS mailbox of the department, on the 2nd floor, room 224. Please give me a short notice via e-mail before.

  • Course Catalogue

    The course catalogue for the Department of Political Science is updated each semester, an can be found online: Vorlesungsverzeichnis
    You can access the English courses here under the keyword "English Courses".

    At our department the ECTS-Points are assigned by course type. Please check below the table with the ratings for each seminar type.

    Type of seminar Credit Points
    Grundkurs 6 ECTS
    Standardkurs 6 ECTS
    Lektürekurs 6 ECTS
    Bachelorseminar 6 ECTS
    Masterkurs 8 ECTS
    Statistikkurs/ Methodenkurs 6 ECTS
    Vorlesung 6 ECTS
    Aktive Teilnahme ohne Leistungsnachweis/
    Active participation without assessed work
    4 ECTS


  • Course Certificate

    The lecturers will send your grades to the Service- und Informationscenter with all the other grades. They are uploaded to the ELVE-System and on request, our service staff will issue you with a course certificate. Please send this certificate to us.

    If you attend courses outside the department of political science (ifpol) you can use the certificate ("Schein") to have your marks certified and hand this to us.

A short guide to studying at IfPol