Studying at Münster University on an Exchange Programme

Infos for exchange students

Official reception by the International Office - summer semester 2015
When: 17.03.2015, 10.30 a.m
Where: Auditorium of the main building (Aula im Schloss), Schloßplatz 2

Welcome Guide

Applications and Enrolment

Anyone who would like to come to Münster on an exchange programme during their studies can do so with the ERASMUS Programme, for example, or with any other exchange agreement between Münster University and their home university.
Informationen on applications and enrolment procedures


Exchange students can apply to the Student Support Services for single rooms or apartments. Another option is to look around on the market for rented accommodation. ERASMUS students also have their own "accomodation exchange".
Accommodation in Münster

Academic support in the university departments

In all the departments and institutes of Münster University, there are coordinators who can answer any questions you may have on studying in Münster. The coordinator for your particular subject can provide information on lectures, seminars and credits and also help to prepare a study plan.
List of contacts in the university departments

Language courses

Studying in Münster is a good opportunity to learn German or to build on existing knowledge of the language. There is a wide range of German language courses on offer at the Münster University Language Centre.
More information on language and language courses

Welcome Week, tutoring programme and free time activities

At the beginning of each semester, there is a Welcome Week for all exchange students. In addition, a tutoring programme helps exchange students to get to know the city and the university. Regular free time activities provide opportunities to meet both German and international students.
More information on the Welcome Week

Practical information

Anyone who has summoned up the courage to go and study at a university abroad is grateful for any assistance and any contacts. So at Münster University there is a wide range of things on offer for foreign students. Also, there are some practical things to be noted both before and after your arrival in Münster.
Practical information

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