News: As of now, new license codes for single-user licenses can be purchased at the service desk (students and self-paying employees) or ordered by mail (institutes and UKM).

Software: SPSS is a software for statistical data analysis. The Campus Edition consists of IBM Statistics Premium (commonly known as "SPSS") and IBM SPSS AMOS. IBM SPSS Statistics Premium is available for Windows and macOS. AMOS is available for Windows only. Normally the free network license for online use of SPSS is sufficient. A paid single-user license only makes sense if you frequently need to work offline with SPSS.

Target Group: students, employees

Usage Costs:
- Network License (online use): free of charge
- Single User License (offline use): 30,00 € (Bundle of statistics and amos)

Contact: IT Support

  • SPSS Modules

    • Statistics Base
    • Advanced Statistics
    • Bootstrapping
    • Categories
    • Conjoint
    • Complex Samples
    • Custom Tables
    • Data Preparation
    • Decision Trees
    • Direct Marketing
    • Exact Tests
    • Forecasting
    • Missing Values
    • Neural Networks
    • Regression
  • License Information

    License Types
    The licenses are rented including updates and support. Single user and network licenses are available.

    • Network licenses allow online use of SPSS. A computer on which such a license is to be used must therefore belong to Münster University (possible for home workstations via VPN) and be permanently connected to the Internet while working with the program. The licenses are used on central servers or in computer labs and monitored by a license manager.
    • Single user licenses allow offline use of SPSS. They are only intended for individual use and only make sense if online use of SPSS via the network license is not possible (e.g. due to a slow Internet connection). They are bound to the hardware of the respective computer, so they cannot be transferred to other PCs. An Internet connection is only required to activate the license after installation.

    License Period
    The current SPSS contract of Münster University runs from 01.07.2020 to 30.09.2024. The validity of licenses is limited to one year (01.10.-30.09), i.e. corresponding license codes must be renewed annually. The costs for using the single user licenses are independent of the time of purchase.

  • Purchase of Single User Licenses

    The procedure for purchasing a single user license depends on the user group:

    • Students: You can purchase single user licenses at the Service Counter. Please bring your student card and the completed Order Form for Students (PDF) [de] with you. The prices listed under "License Information" apply; payment is made on site by debit card.
    • Employees of Münster University or UKM: If you pay privately, you can purchase a single user license at the Service Counter. Please bring the completed Order Form for Employees (PDF) [de] with you. The prices listed under "License Information" apply; payment is made on site by debit card.
    • Institutions of Münster University: You can order single user licenses (preferably collective orders) by sending the completed Order Form for Institutions (PDF) [de] by e-mail to it.lizenzbestellung@uni-muenster.de. The payment will be made by invoice.
    • Department of Medicine and UKM: You can order the single user licenses via your IT representative in the WebShop of the UKM IT center. It is not possible to order directly from the CIT.

    You will not receive any data carriers, only activation codes. You can download the corresponding installation files from the intranet (see "Download & Installation").

  • Download, Installation & License Activation

    Please note, that you must be in the university network to download the software. You may therefore need to establish a VPN connection.

    Step 1: Download & Installation
    In the download area you will find installation files for various operating systems as well as the corresponding documentation. In addition, so-called FixPacks are available, which are needed in individual cases; instructions can be found in the documentation if required.

    The installation files to download for statistics are as follows:
    Windows: SPSSSC_29.0.2_MP_ML.exe
    MacOS: SPSSSC_29.0.2_Mac.pkg
    Linux: Unfortunately, installation packages are no longer offered for Linux as of version 28.
    Mac: AMOS is unfortunately not available for Mac OS.

    Download Section for SPSS Statistics
    Download Section for SPSS Amos

    Note: The corresponding data volumes can be very large. If your Internet connection is too slow, you can copy the files to a mobile data carrier on the intranet (e.g., at the CIT  support office).

    Step 2: License Activation
    Manual for the Activation of Single Use and Network Licenses