Software: Matlab is a mathematical application software from "The MathWorks". The CIT provides a central license for all Matlab products. Matlab is available for all computer platforms supported by the manufacturer, i.e. Windows, macOS and Linux.


Target Group: students, employees

Usage Costs: free of charge

Download: Download Section

Contact: Hotline

  • Matlab Products

    The CIT offers a central license for several Matlab products. The following overview lists the currently available components. The number of licenses is given in parentheses in each case.


    •     Matlab (210)

    Parallel Computing

    •     Parallel Computing Toolbox (20)

    Math, Statistics and Optimization

    •     Curve Fitting Toolbox (30)
    •     Optimization Toolbox (20)
    •     Global Optimization Toolbox (10)
    •     Symbolic  Math Toolbox (50)
    •     Mapping Toolbox (10)
    •     Partial Differential Equation Toolbox (10)

    AI, Data Science and Statistics

    •     Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox (55)
    •     Deep Learning Toolbox (10)
    •     Reinforcement Learning Toolbox (10)

    Code Generation

    •     Matlab Coder (10)

    Application Deployment

    •     Matlab Compiler (2)
    •     Matlab SDK (2)

     Database Access and Reporting

    •     Database Toolbox (10)

    Simulink Product Family


    •     Simulink (40)

    Event-Based Modeling

    •     Stateflow (5)

    Physical Modeling

    •     Simscape (10)
    •     Simscape Multibody (10)

    Simulink Graphics and Reporting

    •     Simulink 3D Animation (10)

    Verification, validation and test


    •     Simulink Design Verifier (1)
    •     Simulink Coverage (1)
    •     Simulink Check (1)

    Application Products

    Signal Processing

    •     Signal Processing Toolbox (20)
    •     Wavelet Toolbox (10)

    Image Processing and Computer Vision

    •     Image Processing Toolbox (30)
    •     Computer Vision Toolbox (5)

    Control Systems

    •     Control System Toolbox (10)
    •     System Identification Toolbox (10)
    •     Fuzzy Logic Toolbox (10)

    Test and Measurement

    •     Data Acquisition Toolbox (10)
    •     Instrument Control Toolbox (10)
    •     Image Acquisition Toolbox (10)

    Robotics and Autonomous Systems

    •     Robotics System Toolbox (5)
    •     Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox (10)


    •     Model-Based Calibration Toolbox (10)

    Computational Finance

    •     Financial Toolbox (10)
    •     Econometrics Toolbox (10)
    •     Datafeed Toolbox (10)
    •     Financial Instruments Toolbox (10)

    Computational Biology

    •     Bioinformatics Toolbox (10)
  • License information

    License types
    The licenses are purchased once, updates and support for 1 year each. There are 210 Matlab network licenses and numerous extensions (also network licenses) available for free use. Network licenses allow online use of Matlab. A computer on which such a license is to be used must therefore belong to the University Münster area (possible for home workstations via VPN) and be permanently connected to the Internet while working with the program. The licenses are monitored by a license manager.

    License period
    The current Matlab contract at University Münster runs from 01.07.2023 to 30.06.2024. The validity of each license is limited to one year (01.07. - 30.06.). After reviewing the need, the maintenance will be extended for another year.

    Software version and cost
    Matlab is currently available in version R2023b. New releases appear twice a year, in spring (a) and fall (b). Older versions are still available for a certain transition period. New toolboxes are usually financed jointly with departments and institutes. The annual maintenance contract is financed from central funds. The use of the network licenses of Matlab and all extensions is free of charge for the users.


  • Download, Installation & License

    Step 1: Download
    In the download section you will find the installation files for the different operating systems. The installation files to download for Matlab are as follows:

    •     license.dat
    •     FileInstallationKey


    • Windows: R2023b_Windows
    • macOS: R2023b_macOS_AppleSilicon.dmg (Java Runtime needs to be installed) and R2023b_macOS_IntelProcessor
    • Linux: R2023b_Linux

    Download Section for Matlab

    Step 2: Preparing the Installation

    After downloading and saving the file in the local file system, the iso file can be accessed (e.g. by extracting the file with an app like 7-Zip or WinRar) in order to start the installation process by executing setup.exe.

    After downloading and saving the file in the local file system, call the InstallForMacOSX command to install Matlab in the disk image.

    The file for Linux must be unpacked as user root in the local directory before the installation can be started under Linux. Then call the command ./install in the unpacked installation directory.

    Note:  A local installation under Linux is not mandatory, because a pre-installed version can also be used. For this purpose, include the directory /Applic.ZIV/bin in the user's path. Matlab is then started by the command matlab. Possibly there are commands for older versions which are marked by corresponding version numbers. Further hints can be found in the "Documentation for Software Installation under Linux":

    Software Installation under Linux (german)

    Step 3: Installation & License Activation
    Under the following link you will find detailed installation instructions. The illustration follows a Windows installation but is mostly identical under the other platforms:

    MATLAB Installation Manual

    Note: All information in the following dialogs are only examples. They must be replaced by the currently valid values!