Nigerian Evening

Readings, get-togethers, movie nights, discussions, country evenings, improv theatre, concerts, club meetings, training sessions, cultural celebrations – There are many exciting events awaiting throughout the semester.

+ + Due to the current regulations against the spread of Covid-19 Virus, no events are currently taking place on our premises. However, we are currently working on alternatives and inform you about them on Instagram and Facebook. + +


Look at photos, listen to music, try some food and get a real-world impression about exotic and faraway countries by people who have actually lived there and can describe first-hand what it's like. Our country evenings are like small trips outside everyday life.


Different cultures, different customs, clothes, celebrations, history, art, dance... A chance to discover, celebrate and share.

Theme-based evenings

Our theme-based evenings offer many opportunities to discuss fascinating topics, learn something new or become more knowledgeable about subjects of international interest.

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Planning events

Would you like to hold an event? Feel free to contact us to discuss event ideas with international topics.
For some events we can also help you with advertising, implementation and financial support.
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