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Catalysis & Function! Life without organic molecules (such as pharmaceuticals, crop-protection, chemical industry, energy supply, materials science, nutrition, fragrances and flavors) would be neither convenient nor possible. Thus, the ability to produce any desired organic compound efficiently is of great interest. In this respect, catalysis is a key technology that will become more and more important in the future. Our research program is dedicated to the development and application of new catalytic methods in the area of organic chemistry in order to facilitate the way organic molecules are made. In addition, we design molecules that exhibit sought-after function in diverse areas such as biology and material science. Thereby, we not only apply rational design, but also develop smart screening strategies and data-driven computational models. Arguably, a unique feature of our group is that we successfully do research in many complementary areas of catalysis. The diversification is advantageous for a sound education of the group members and, in addition, enables modern interdisciplinary research projects also within the group.