Studer research group

The fundamental understanding and exploitation of radical processes play a key role in the research of the group at the WWU Münster. The research program is devoted to the fields of catalysis, organic synthesis, and materials science. Applications of radicals remain fundamental in the research activities of the Studer laboratory (see lab news & alumni), leading to applications in various fields such as surface chemistry, bioconjugates and natural product synthesis (see publications lectures).
Research Topics in the Studer Group
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Research Topics in the Studer Group

In our research efforts, we are aiming to understand and exploit radical processes. We are developing unique methods and add these techniques to the toolbox of organic chemists. Along these lines, we are heavily engaged in method development, some natural product syntheses and the fabrication of hybrid materials at interfaces or in biological systems.

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Studer Group News and Awards

For his outstanding contribution towards the development of novel radical-based methodologies, Prof. Armido Studer receives an "Arthur C. Cope Late Career Scholars Award". With his work in the field of radical chemistry, Armido Studer has made a significant contribution to the renaissance of free radicals in organic synthesis and in polymer chemistry.

Publications of the Studer Group
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Publications of the Studer Group

Have a look on our most recent publications on current research topics within the Studer Lab. Among original papers you'll find overviews, e.g. on the role of the Radicals in Catalysis (reviewed in Angew. Chem.), On-Surface reactions (reviewed in Chem. Eur. J.), general Organic Radical Chemistry (featured in Beilstein J. Org. Chem.) and Nitroxides (reviewed in Angew. Chem.).

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Alumni - The Ride on the Promokete

Over the years, many individuals have contributed to our team with enthusiasm, talent and a very own commitment. Have a look on past group pictures and all the PhDs who finally moved out into the acedemic or industry world and have made their own "rocket" start  ... (We are deeply indebted to the precision mechanics of our institute, the creators of this 'Promokete' rocket!)