Recognition of courses completed abroad

The Erasmus coordinator, or the exchange coordinator in your faculty/institute, i.e. corresponding examinations office, is responsible for deciding on whether the coursework you complete abroad is recognised as part of your degree programme at the University of Münster. We recommend meeting with the responsible Erasmus coordinator in your faculty or subject area in advance to discuss the thematic focus and objective of your study visit. Together with the Erasmus coordinator, you will draw up a so-called "Learning Agreement" which stipulates the thematic focuses of your study visit, which courses you will attend at the host university and which modules or courses these will replace at the University of Münster. The Learning Agreement is then signed by you and the Erasmus coordinator or the person who will later decide on coursework recognition.

Back at the University of Münster, you must submit the Learning Agreement and the Transcript of Records (grade transcript/certificate) from the host university to the Erasmus coordinator, or the person responsible for deciding on coursework recognition. The examinations office then adds the recognised academic achievement to your records.

Recommended grading scale