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Erasmus with partner countries

The European funding programme Erasmus also offers the opportunity of worldwide exchange via mobility projects between European programme countries and partner countries outside Europe: the exchange of students and university staff with partner countries (Key Action 107/171) takes place via separate calls for proposals in which the University of Münster participates with selected university partners.

The framework conditions and processes are described above. The scholarship amount for students is uniformly regulated (outgoing students: 700€/month - Incoming students: 850€/month); in addition, there is a travel allowance, which is calculated on the basis of the Erasmus+ distance calculator.

Starting with the new programme generation (KA171), the possibilities for special grants were aligned with the regulations with programme countries (KA131).
Further information can be found here

  • Gabon

    Université Omar-Bongo (Link)

    Subject area: German Language / Linguistics
    ISCED Code: 0232

    Student exchange only for incoming mobility

  • Georgia

    Shota Rustaveli State University (Link)
    Akaki Tsereteli State University (Link)

    Subject area: German Language / Linguistics
    ISCED Code: 0232

  • Israel

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Link)
    Tel Aviv University (Link)
    Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Link)
    Bar-Ilan University (Link)

    Subject area: Religion and theology
    ISCED Code: 0221

    Subject area: History and archaeology
    ISCED Code: 0222

    Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance -JAMD (Link

    Subject area: Music
    ISCED Code: 0215

  • USA

    University of California, Berkeley (Link)

    Subject area: Humanities / Social Sciences
    ISCED Code: 0220 / 0310

    Exchange only for PhD students

    University of West Georgia (Link)
    Institute of Information Systems

    Subject: Business and Administration/Information Systems
    ISCED Code: 041

    Blended mobility only

  • Uzbekistan

    Termez State University (Link)
    Bukhara State University (Link)
    Urganch University (Link)

    Subject area: German Language / Linguistics
    ISCED Code: 0232