Foreign languages

Foreign language skills are a prerequisite for many degree programmes. Knowledge of Latin is particularly necessary for humanities subjects, as is Greek and Hebrew in some cases for religious studies subjects. If you didn't receive your intermediate Latin certificate (kleines Latinum) at secondary school, you can learn Latin and take the examination in your undergraduate programme. You can prepare for the Latinum and Graecum (Ancient Greek) examinations or gain functional language competence in any number of courses offered at the following institutes:
Language Centre
Faculty of Protestant Theology [de]
Classical Philology [de]

Students are often required to have foreign language competence in modern languages, such as English, French and Italian. Those who do not have the corresponding certificates should register for language courses in their own faculties or sign up for courses offered at the Language Centre.

The Language Centre is a facility of the University of Münster. Students of all faculties can attend foreign language courses there and earn language certificates. Its programme includes subject-specific courses, preparatory courses for English and Romance Studies students, and foreign language training for Law students. Courses in "German as a Foreign Language" (DaF) are offered to international students.
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The Institute of Nordic Philology offers courses in Scandinavian languages to students in all faculties. However, the language practical courses offered in the foreign-language institutes and English Department are generally intended for students in the corresponding degree programmes.
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AStA also organises language courses which are open to all students. These include courses in French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.
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