Language requirements and language courses

Studying in Germany is the perfect chance to improve your German language skills. Exchange students should keep in mind that most courses at German universities are taught in German. There are only a few lectures offered in English. So if you want to participate in your seminars and lectures as soon as you begin, you should get your German skills up to speed before arriving in Münster.

Another option is to participate in a language course during your first semester in Münster and then attend seminars and lectures starting in your second semester.

Language courses and language tandems

The Language Centre of the University of Münster offers a broad range of German language courses.
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  • Two-week intensive language course at the beginning of the semester
    The Language Centre offers an intensive German language course for ERASMUS students at the beginning of every semester. After you apply for  enrolment at the University of Münster, you will receive information about these language courses together with your notification of admission.
    More Information about the courses
  • Semester courses
    The Language Centre offers numerous courses which are taught during the lecture period.
    List of semester courses
  • Language tandems
    The Language Centre organises so-called "language tandems" for German and international students. The idea is that German and foreign students meet up regularly to learn about each other's language and culture.
    Information and registration for a language tandem