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Course overview

Your can find an overview of all German courses here

The courses are arranged according to the levels of the Common European Framework of Languages (CEFR). Level A1.1 refers to a course for absolute beginners, C1 is the highest level we offer. Your score in our placement test (C-Test) will show you which courses you can take.

We also distinguish between general language courses and courses for specific purposes (from Level B2).

Course registration

For courses from A2 level onwards, you have to first take the C-Test to see which course has the right level for you. You can only register for a course once you have a C-Test result.

Further information on course enrolment and C-Test

In the course overview the courses are listed in order of the C-Test points needed.


UNIcert® is a standardized certification of foreign language competency in an academic context offered by German universities. The UNIcert® certificate for German can be obtained at the Language Centre from level B1 (UNIcert® level I). For more information click here.


Coursebook for the levels A1.1 – A2.2

The courses on levels A1.1 - A2.2 will use the coursebook Netzwerk neu (Klett-Verlag).

The coursebook (print version) is available in two different options:

as one book, which covers a half-level (e.g. A1.1) and combines course- and workbook (€18.99)

as two books, which cover a complete level (e.g. A1): coursebook (€18.99) and workbook (€15.99)

It is up to you which option you go for. If you are sure that you will only be taking one course, then it is sufficient if you go for the first option.

If you intend to take the fast-track course or two successive courses (e.g. A1.1 and A1.2), then it is worth buying the coursebook & workbook for a complete level.

You can find more information about the coursebook on the  Klett website, and you can order the book in any bookshop through its ISBN number. A digital version of the coursebook is also available.

However, do not buy the coursebook until you know that you have a place in the course! If you would like to sell or exchange your book with other students, please use the Mattermost channel.

* Normally, no textbooks are used in the courses from level B1. The teaching materials are provided by the teachers in the Learnweb.