Welcome to all our international students!
On this page you will find all important information about the language centre and what we offer.

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General information about the Language Centre

The following documents provide all necessary information about the Language Centre:

LINKS to the most important information on our website: English | Español | Italiano | Français (available in March 2024)
LINK TO THE REGISTRATION & C-TEST on our homepage: click here (available in March 2024)

Presentations of the welcoming session

This presentation provides information about what we offer, the course enrolment, times and dates as well as contacts. (available in March 2024)

This presentation provides all relevant information about the German Intensive Courses. (available in March 2024)

German Intensive Language Courses

The Intensive Courses take place before the start of the semester (winter and summer) and will prepare international exchange students for their daily life in Münster as well as their studies at the University of Münster. The participation is free of charge and aimed exclusively at 'new' international students with the following scholarships: ERASMUS, Humboldt, DAAD and international students of a university partnership scholarship.

German courses taking place during the semester

The courses will start on 22 April 2024. Course overview

(Our course program for the summer semester 2024 will go online on 1 February.)

C-Test and course enrolment: Click here for more information.

German Courses for Visiting Scholars and Post-docs