boats on the Aasee (lake)
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With around 300,000 inhabitants and some 55,000 students, Münster is a bustling academic and cultural city with numerous museums, theatres and events. Münster is well-known as Germany’s bicycle capital – statistically speaking, there are two bicycles to every inhabitant! The historic city centre, Lake Aa and the moated castles in the region have made Münster very popular among residents and students alike.

City centre
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Historic city centre

With its Prinzipalmarkt, St. Lambert's Church and historic city hall, Münster's city centre is a great place to take a stroll or go window shopping. There are also many bars and restaurants. Every Wednesday and Saturday you can buy fresh produce from the region at a traditional marketplace on the Domplatz.

students with bicycles
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Green parkway

Münster is a green city with numerous parks and boulevards. A five-kilometre parkway encircles the historical city limits of Münster, along which you can easily reach any destination in town by bike. In fact, Münster is known as Germany's "bicycle capital".

Aasee (lake) with giant pool ball sculptures
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Lakeside recreation

The Aasee (Lake Aa) is situated near downtown and is a popular place to take walks, jog or go sailing. You'll also find an all-weather zoo and several restaurants along the lake. Another popular spot is Münster's harbour quarter with its many bars and recreational opportunities.

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Lots of culture on offer

Theatre performances, variety shows, live concerts, a stroll though a museum, a visit to the cinema, readings - as far as culture goes, Münster has something for everyone, young and old. After a hard day’s work it’s wonderfully easy to switch off and relax.