Research visits abroad

1. DAAD programmes

The following funding lines are two of the more popular programmes offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). For more DAAD programmes, visit the DAAD project funding database.
DAAD project funding database

  • DAAD conference trip and lecture tour programme
    This programme provides funding to German researchers and academics who wish to actively participate at international conferences or conduct lecture tours abroad. The prerequisite for funding is that the topically relevant contributions can potentially advance the researcher's academic development.
    DAAD conference trip and lecture tour programme
  • DAAD project-related exchange programmes (PPP)
    The DAAD has established bilateral programmes with partner organisations in numerous countries with the aim of intensifying academic collaboration. As part of these programmes, researchers are encouraged to conduct joint research projects with their international partners.
    DAAD project-related exchange programmes

2. Funding search services

Münster University provides its members with the newsletter "FIT", with which you can be informed individually and daily about funding opportunities. In addition, you can search for funding in the search engine "ELFI".
Funding search

3. EURAXESS Germany

EURAXESS Germany is an information and counselling platform for internationally mobile researchers who come to Germany or travel abroad in search of academic employment opportunities. In addition to job advertisements, the website provides information on funding options, social insurance and tax matters, and many other mobility-related topics. Using the EURAXESS Germany map, you can find the EURAXESS Centres at universities and research institutes throughout Germany.
Visit the EURAXESS Germany website

4. EU programmes

For information on the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions of the EU, please contact SAFIR (
For all other EU mobility actions you can contact the European Research Services GmbH under the direction of Oliver Panzer.
To the European Research Services GmbH