University of Münster graduates are surveyed with questionnaires developed in cooperation with ISTAT. They are based on a core questionnaire which guarantees compliance with the scientific standards of graduate research and facilitates future comparison between degree programmes and the participating universities. Since conducting the first graduate survey in 2008, the standard questionnaire has been steadily augmented with special variants for jurists, medical doctors and dentists, and holders of teaching and doctoral degrees. A questionnaire for artistic disciplines was offered for the first time to graduates of the 2018 examination year. In 2011 KOAB carried out an extensive revision of the core questionnaire to give it a more sensible structure and make it easier to understand.

The current standard questionnaire (graduating class of 2019) contains the following sections:

A Before your studies
B Course of studies
C Degree programme information
D Study conditions
E Situation after graduation
F Digital culture
G Job search
H Current situation and employment status
I Relationship between your studies and career
K Professional career
L Professional orientation and job satisfaction
M Personal information
O Comments / Suggestions

Below, you can access the html files of the individual questionnaire variants, used in the survey of the 2018 graduating class. These files contain all the questions of the respective variants, i.e. the filter function is not activated. The elements used to depict one’s academic and professional career are not included. Please bear in mind that the survey would look different (more user-friendly) to participants who opened the questionnaire via their access code. But the html version is well-suited to provide you with an overview of the questions asked.

We would be happy to provide you with questionnaires of past surveys upon request.