Student course evaluations

Course evaluation results and faculty contacts

The results of student course evaluations are published by their respective faculties and can only be accessed by members of the University of Münster. More information can be obtained by the responsible contact partners in the respective faculties.
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Instructors and students often have questions about student course evaluations. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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Evaluation tools

The methodological quality of our questionnaires is an important factor for promoting acceptance of course evaluations among students and instructors. In the winter semester 2012/13, we introduced entirely revised evaluation tools in all the faculties and academic facilities at the University of Münster. These are based on an obligatory core questionnaire consisting of 13 questions which can be supplemented as needed with optional modules. The central methodological feature of the questionnaires is the so-called “feedback orientation”.
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Student course evaluations are first and foremost an opportunity for instructors to receive feedback on the quality of their course from the students’ perspective. Naturally, it offers students the chance to provide their instructors with constructive criticism. The long-term impact of these evaluations is ensured by the fact that the personalised results are posted on the faculty intranet pages and discussed within faculty-based committees.
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Each faculty is responsible for conducting its own student course evaluations. To support the faculties in administering the survey and safeguarding quality standards when processing personal data, the Rectorate introduced the evaluation software “EvaSys” by the company evasys GmbH.
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