Evaluation tools

The methodological quality of the questionnaires is an important factor in why our course evaluations are so broadly accepted by students and instructors. In 2012 the Evaluation Coordination Committee in cooperation with the Psychology Department carried out an extensive revision of the questionnaires which had been used since 2005. In the winter semester 2012/13 these entirely redesigned evaluation tools were introduced in all the faculties and academic facilities at the University of Münster. The questionnaires are based on evaluative instruments developed by the Psychology Department. For more information on these and similar questionnaires, click here. The newly designed evaluation tools comprise an obligatory core questionnaire consisting of 13 questions which can be augmented with optional supplementary modules. The central methodological feature of the questionnaires is the so-called “feedback orientation”, which means that all the questions are formulated in such a way that students can express their subjective view on the targeted impact of a specific aspect, e.g. “The course provided me with a good overview of the topics covered.” The questions in the core questionnaire, along with the items in the centrally provided supplementary modules are based on extensive psychological expertise with respect to their validity and reliability (see, e.g. the Psychology Department’s corresponding evaluation webpage).



The core questionnaire is an obligatory component of the evaluation procedure. It addresses the following thematic areas:

  • gender and course of study
  • instructor and teaching methods
  • course preparation and post-preparation
  • workload assessment
  • overall assessment
  • suggestion/praise/criticism

Download the core questionnaire
You can view the online version here.



Fourteen supplementary modules are centrally provided for optional use by the faculties and academic facilities. These address the following themes:

  • optional supplementary modules
  • basic texts
  • vocation-oriented excursion
  • discussion
  • feedback from instructor(s)
  • feedback from students
  • group work
  • term papers
  • homework
  • materials
  • moderation
  • framework conditions
  • oral presentations
  • excessive workloads
  • student statistics

Download the optional supplementary modules [de]

The central coordination office for student course evaluations (Dept. 5.3) can also develop customised supplementary modules based on your specific needs and the insights you are interested in obtaining.

The core questionnaire and the optional supplementary modules are also available in English:

Download the English version of the core questionnaire
Download the English version of the optional supplementary modules




The following evaluation tools were used at the University of Münster until the summer semester 2012:


Questionnaire on lectures
Download the questionnaire on lectures

Questionnaire on seminars
Download the questionnaire on seminars

Questionnaire on practical classes
Download the questionnaire on practical classes