Why graduate surveys?

Graduate surveys provide insights into:

  • what professions or occupational fields graduates are working in,
  • what their income and working time looks like,
  • whether their professional work corresponds to the content of their degree programmes, and
  • how graduates assess their studies in hindsight.

This type of survey offers us the possibility to assess degree programmes based on the reflection of recently graduated students. It also allows us to consider faculty-specific aspects. Graduate feedback is an important source of information to the University of Münster, as it allows the University to adjust its study conditions to the needs of its current and future students.

The acquired information can be applied in diverse ways to advance higher education development and improve the programmes and offers of its service centres:

  • Based on the results, key qualifications and additional skills can be expanded in a targeted manner.
  • Information on one's course of study and professional path are used by the Careers Service and Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB).
  • When developing degree programmes, the faculties can assess whether their notions concerning competence acquisition and their respective professional fields of application correspond to the graduates’ practical experience.
  • The results of the survey are used in the degree programme accreditation and re-accreditation process.