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  • Network Conference
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    Network Conference - May 2022

    The Graduate School Practices of Literature (GSPoL) hosts regular networking conferences to promote exchange between members, alumni, university faculty, advisory board members, and the interested (university) public. This year's meeting will take place on May 23, 2022, and will offer exciting insights into the projects and career paths of our PhD students and graduates; moreover, innovative formats such as an exhibition tour, poster presentations, short lectures, and roundtable discussions will be used.

    The first program highlight in the morning will be a guided tour of the literature exhibition Eden? Plants between Science and Fiction. At lunchtime, doctoral students of the GSPoL will present their doctoral projects by means of scientific posters. In the afternoon, the networking café will be followed by four reports from professional practice, presenting perspectives for literary scholars in academia and in science and cultural management. The conference will conclude with an evening lecture by a former GSPoL guest, Deborah Nyangulu, who will present her research on "Engaged Pedagogy and Digital Activism."


  • Poster of the network conference 2021
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    Digital Network Conference - June 2021

    On June 25, 2021 at 10:30 a.m., the Graduate School Practices of Literature (GSPoL) will host its regular networking conference to foster exchange between members, alumni, university faculty, advisory board members, and the interested (university) public. This year's online conference will offer exciting insights into the projects and career paths of our PhD students and graduates. In addition, new formats and platforms such as research pitches, short talks and roundtable discussions on Zoom and Wonder will be used.


  • Poster of the anniversary conference
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    Anniversary Conference - 10 Years GSPoL

    The tenth anniversary of the Graduate School Practices of Literature was celebrated on June 19, 2018, with a special conference. A diverse program including a networking event “Career Development” for PhD students, a guest lecture by advisory board member Dr. Nicholas Shrimpton (University of Oxford), as well as poster and project presentations by PhD students reflected the Graduate School's research activities. Members, alumni, advisory board, and supervisors had the opportunity to network and get to know each other and their projects. The GSPoL would like to thank all contributors and participants!


    Looking Back: GSPoL in Numbers

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    "Pop Hero and Action Princess ? Negotiating Gender in Popular Culture" - January 2018

    January 12 - 13, 2018 | English Department WWU Münster

    "Do Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, or Miley Cyrus contribute to feminist* discourses? Are Sherlock and Dr. Watson more than friends? And can Thor be a woman?"

    This student conference aims to address the role of gender in popular culture, how it is represented and read. The discussion will focus on the political power of such representations and their impact on cultural practices; their critical and subversive potential. In order to do so, we would like to engage with various aspects of popular culture and look forward to discussing gender (re-)presentations and performances in a range of different media, including Film, Music, TV, Literature, Comic, Social Media, and other online media.

    To the conference website

    Münster Lecture 2018

    Theory and Practice in Feminism* Today?

    Jan. 12, 2018 I 7pm I Lecture Hall JO1 (Johannisstr. 4)

    The discussion is part of the student conference Pop Hero and Action Princess: Negotiating Gender in Popular Culture, which is organized by doctoral students of GS PoL, among others

    The international Women's March in January and the #MeToo debate show it clearly: Feminism is booming. But how do these grassroots movements relate to academic practice? What's up with Alice Schwarzer's recent allegations that gender studies a la Judith Butler is too abstract and unworldly?

    This year's Münster Lectures deal with the relationship between feminist theory and activism. To this end, the organizers invited cultural theorist Laina Dawes from the Department of Music at Columbia University (USA) and Sonia Eismann, co-founder, co-publisher and editor-in-chief of Missy Magazine: Magazin für Pop, Politik und Feminismus (Berlin, Germany).

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    "UpSideDown | Circus and Space" - June 2017

    UpSideDown—Circus and Space | June 28–30 2017, Münster, Germany | organised by  Franziska Trapp

    Program available here.


    Prof. Dr. Paul Bouissac | Toronto
    Prof. Dr. Louis-Patrick Leroux | Montréal
    Prof. Dr. Philippe Goudard | Montpellier
    Prof. Dr. Peta Tait | Melbourne
    Pascal Jacob | Paris

    For further information, see

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    "Plunder – Müll – Makulatur" - July 2016

    Plunder – Müll – Makulatur: Die Grenzen der Dinge. Literatur und materielle Randständigkeit seit dem 19. Jahrhundert. HU Berlin. 15.07.2016.

    Lis Hansen, a member of the GS PoL, co-organized a workshop on the topic of literature and material marginalization in Berlin.

    New information on the conference's programme is now online.

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    "Das Immaterielle Ausstellen" - April 2016

    Interdisziplinäre Tagung zur Musealisierung von Literatur und performativer Kunst. 15.-16. April 2016. Zentrum für Kulturwissenschaftliche Forschung Lübeck und Buddenbrookhaus, Heinrich-und-Thomas-Mann-Zentrum in Lübeck





    Conference Report

    Call for Papers (15.01.2016)



    Lis Hansen

    Janneke Schoene

    Levke Teßmann


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    "Briefe als Träger und Trigger von Affekten" - July 2015

    Transdisciplinary Conference

    Kavaliershäuschen (Schlossplatz 6, Münster)

    The transdisciplinary conference Briefe als Träger und Trigger von Affekten deals with the relationship between letters and affect, often thought to be apparent and self-evident. While it mostly addresses PhD students of the humanities, scholars of other disciplines are invited to introduce their methods and perspectives into the discussion.

    The conference is organised by students of the Research Training Group Literary Form and the Graduate School Practices of Literature.

    Please note that the conference will he held in German.

    Download CFP

    Download programme

    Download poster

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    "Literatur und Computerspiel in der digitalen Gesellschaft" - June 2015

    [Information only available in German]

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    "Semiotics of the Circus" - April 2015

    International Conference

    Cirque Bouffon–Zirkuszelt am Schlossplatz
    WWU–Festsaal am Schlossplatz

    The project Zirkus | Wissenschaft aims at establishing the Circus as an object of cultural studies, something which in Germany has been so far largely unexplored. For this purpose, the conference wants to bring together scholars from all over the world to create an interdisciplinary network which then offers
    an opportunity for intense scientific exchange, support for ongoing research projects and a possible initiation for further plans.

    Semiotics of the Circus will focus on how and under which conditions meaning is produced and transmitted in the so called New Circus, and in which way this depends on the construction of meaning in traditional circus performances. Semiotics, the theory of meaning creation which analyses the use of signs and the different kinds of sign processes, will help to provide answers to these initial questions.

    The conference will center around three topics:

    1. Semiotics of the Traditional Circus
    2. Semiotics of the New Circus
    3. Possibilities of analysing New Circus Performances



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    "Work in Progress. Work and auto/biographical narration" - March 2015

    Conference, Mannheim

    Work is decisively influencing a person’s self-concept. This has been subject of sociological, psychological and philosophical discourse on theories of personal identity. In this, the fundamental difference and the simultaneous correlation of the worlds of work and of life have been recognized and diverse impacts of the (re)organization of the world of work on people’s lifestyles have been stated: these basic changes require new ways of thinking and organizing human habits, traditions, attitudes, etc.

    A central characteristic of the present change in the world of work is the removal of boundaries separating work and leisure, which implies that some structures and contents of work are now being transferred to other spheres of life which are traditionally not perceived as spheres of work. Accordingly, work profoundly impacts individual lifestyles and formation of personal identity, which find their expression in auto/biographical forms: work – in the sense of a holistically understood discursive category of knowledge – shapes the writing and narrating of one’s (own) life and the presentation of one’s personality. These findings lead to a wide variety of topics concerning the relationship of work, life and identity, that are not only analyzed from sociological, psychological and historical perspectives but are also addressed by literary and linguistic studies.

    Therefore, the aim of this conference is to take the multiple discursive links into account and to ask how the different dimensions of work shape the presentation of one’s (own) life. On the one hand, the conference will take a look at auto/biographies and other auto/biographical media, i.e. on genres that allow an explicit focusing on an individual’s life or on the individual as a foil for more general, epistemological reflection. On the other hand, auto/biographical forms will be taken into account, that serve as a data basis for the science of history, sociology or psychology.

    Download programme here.
    Download poster here.

    Organizing team:
    Iuditha Balint (Mannheim)
    Katharina Lammers (Münster)
    Kerstin Wilhelms (Münster)
    Thomas Wortmann (Mannheim)


  • "Neuverhandlungen des Holocaust" - November 2014

    Information available in German only

  • Conference poster

    "Fallgeschichten des Zufalls" - September 2013

    Information available in German only

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    "Crimes of Passion: Representations of sexual pathology" - July 2013

    Information available in German only