Study guidance
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General study guidance

Choice of the study program, arrangement of the course program, choice of interdisciplinary studies, professional fields, study abroad

Each lecturer of the department is happy to provide guidance in general topics of the study program. Please contact them during their consultation hours or ask for a date for a meeting.

In particular, the following persons and organizations are available for guidance

Student councils, study course adviser, chair of the examinations commission, coordinator of the study program, dean of studies

For general questions also the Central Study Guidance (Zentrale Studienberatung) of the University is available.


Questions to specific course programs

Study course advisers (see below)

Erasmus Program

International Office of the WWU

Erasmus coordinators of the department for the respective partner institutions:

  • Dublin, Glasgow, Nizza and Palma de Mallorca: Prof. Dr. C. Denz
  • Lund, Paris-Sud, Sevilla and York: Prof. Dr. H. Kohl
  • Bialystok: Prof. Dr. S. Demokritov

See also Information on the Erasmus program

Minor subjects (interdisciplinary studies)

In the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs a minor subject is studied within the “Interdisciplinary Studies”. Various predefined modules like Chemistry, Introduction to Computer Science, Philosophy, Economics etc. are specified in the examination regulations.

In addition, students may individually assemble a module “Interdisciplinary Studies” on a subject of their choice, provided that is reasonably related to the study of physics or that it provides specific professional qualifications. For this, students have to compile a module description according to the sample in the examination regulations, agree on this with a person from the chosen subject who will be responsible for the module, and have it approved by the dean of studies.
If the module contains foreign language courses this has to be agreed on with the dean of studies prior to registering for these courses at the Language Center of the University.

Predefined modules in the examination regulations

The respective responsible person for the module

Individually assembled modules „Interdisciplinary Studies“

Dean of Studies and the respective responsible person for the module

Recognition of academic achievements

Recognition of academic achievements

Courses from another module

Responsible person for the module

From other study courses

Study program coordinator

From Erasmus studies abroad

Study program coordinator, Erasmus coordinator

Placement into higher semesters

Study program coordinator

Special questions regarding exams

Compensations in the case of handicap, illness and for other reasons

Responsible person for handicapped persons: Dr. Andreas Gorschlüter, Physics Institute,
Examination office

See also Information at the Central Study Guidance.


Examination office

Recording of achievements in QISPOS

Respective lecturer of the course, examination office

Certificates for BAföG

Examination office

The forms (Formblatt 5) can be downloaded from the Federal Ministery for Education and Research.

Extension of thesis deadlines

Chair of the examination commission. Applications have to submitted to the examination office.

Contact persons: subject-specific study guidance

Physics Bachelor

Study program coordinator, chair of the examination commission

Physics Master

Study program coordinator, chair of the examination commission

Physics teaching profession GymGe/BK

Study program coordinator, chair of the examination commission,
Prof. Dr. S. Heusler, Institute of Didactics of Physics

Physics teaching profession HRSGe

Study program coordinator, chair of the examination commission,
Prof. Dr. S. Heusler, Institute of Didactics of Physics

Teaching profession primary school

Dr. J. Pawelzik, Institute of Elementary Science Education


Dr. S. Stellmach, Institute of Geophysics

Student councils

Chair of the examination commission Physics and Geophysics

Prof. Dr. Uwe Thiele, Institute for Theoretical Physics