PROMOS program for increased mobility of German students

Since 2011, the DAAD has been funding a mobility program that supports shorter stays abroad by German students (up to six months) worldwide. WWU students can apply directly to WWU Münster for financial support for specific study-related projects abroad.


Requirements for applying for a PROMOS scholarship are:

  • You must be enrolled at WWU Münster (in Bachelor's, Master's, Diplom, Magister, Staatsexamens programs, etc.; students enrolled in a doctoral program can only apply for some program lines; see "Eligible Projects").
  • You must be a German citizen or have the same status as Germans according to § 8 paragraph 1 number 2 ff, paragraph 2, 2a and 3 BAföG.

You may not apply

  • if you receive financial support for your stay abroad from public or private foundations. If you are a scholarship holder of a foundation (also for your studies in Germany), please inquire directly with your scholarship provider whether they would support your stay abroad. Most public and private foundations and organizations for the promotion of gifted students also support study-related projects abroad of their scholarship holders upon application.
  • if you are sponsored through the ERASMUS program.


The complete application documents must be submitted by the following application deadlines (the exact current deadline can be found under link):

  • Mid-October (for projects starting in the period January-June of the following year).
  • Mid-April (for projects starting in the period July-December)

They are to be sent by e-mail in the form of one pdf document to the International Office, Attn: Nicola Heitzler ( In addition, the application documents must be printed out, signed and submitted to the International Office, also attn: Nicola Heitzler.

Within a total funding period of max. 6 months, a combination of several PROMOS scholarships is possible (within one training period or in different training periods).

The scholarship holders are selected after the department has reviewed the documents. Approximately 2 months after the application deadline, applicants will be notified of the result of the selection decision by the International Office.

Detailed information about PROMOS and the required application documents can be found on the pages of the International Office at

Contact person in Department 11: Prof. Dr. Bratschitsch, Institute of Physics