Group Frekers: Research

The research activities of the group encompass various facets of Neutrino Physics. In the OPERA experiment Neutrino Oscillations will be detected. This experiment is currently under construction.

Another focus of our research program is the determination of nuclear matrix elements for weak interaction processes. The knowledge about such matrix elements is important for our understanding of the electron-capture processes which take place during the explosive phase of a massive star (Supernova explosion). Further, we are interested in nuclear matrices that are relevant in double beta-decay processes. The experiments, which are the basis for the two fields of research mentioned above, are performed at the AGOR facility of KVI Groninen/NL.

For a documentation of our research please refer to the list of publications and the list of finished Diploma and Ph.D. theses.

Another main field of activity is the technical development of scanning microscopes for use in the OPERA experiment and medical applications.