Studies in the group Frekers

We offer almost every term a seminar for students. Further, there are Practical Courses for students who intend to focus on particle and nuclear physics. Note that you have to apply for an advanced practical course at the end of a summer or winter term. Announcements will be made in the corresponding lectures and seminars. Please note the postings in the Institut für Kernphysik!

Diploma theses can be prepared in our group, too. Please check the list of finished diploma theses to get an impression of the topics. If you are interested to finish your studies in the group AG Frekers, please contact Prof. Frekers. The members of the group will tell you more about their work and possible diploma theses in their respective fields.

The Neutrino experiment OPERA is built up in collaboration with groups in Switzerland, France, Italy and Japan and further experiments are performed at KVI Groningen (The Netherlands). Thus, students of our group have opportunities to do some preparations for their diploma theses abroad.

Further, Ph.D. students attend study weeks of the european research school FANTOM, which is organized by institutes from Netherlands (Groningen), Belgium (Gent, Leuven), Germany (Münster), France (Orsay) and Sweden (Uppsala).

Vorlesungen im Wintersemester 2014/2015

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  • Vorlesung Kosmologie (Kennwort erforderlich):

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