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Photo of the group in June 2023
Group in June 2023
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Lab Tour

For students who are interested in writing a bachelor or master thesis in our group there will be a lab tour on Oct 27th at 3.30 pm.

Hochschultag 2022

For prospective students: Slides of the introductory lecture "Investigation of the smallest particles with the largest machines" given by Prof. Andronic at the Hochschultag 2022 (in German) pdf

Graphical depiction of reconstructed particle tracks from a measurement of colliding lead ions with the ALICE-Detector at the LHC.

Our group is involved in relativistic heavy ion experiments at the LHC (CERN) and at Fair (GSI).

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Förderung durch das BMBF aus dem Forschungsschwerpunkt ALICE.

We are also a member of the DFG Graduate Research Center 2149 "Strong and Weak Interactions - from Hadrons to Dark Matter"