Raffaela Busse at South Pole
© Raffaela Busse

Raffaela Busse back from South Pole!

For one year, our former Master student Raffaela Busse was in charge of the IceCube detector at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole station. Her versatile tasks comprised the maintenance of the complex infrastructure of the detector, the surveillance of the systems for smooth data taking and carrying out special measurements. But better let herself report about her noumerous interesting activities and experiences in her blog: https://www.nechnif.net.
After vacations in New Zealand she now enriches again our working group while searching for Dark Matter with IceCube data in the framework of her PhD in the  RTG 2149 - "Strong and Weak Interactions" . On several occasions, she gives talks about her time at the coldest place on Earth, for example at the Children's University as reported by the WWU.