Premiere! Chasing the Ghost Particle

On Friday the 18th of January the Planetarium in the LWL-Museum für Naturkunde in Münster hosts the premiere of a new film:

„Die Jagd nach dem Geisterteilchen - vom Südpol bis an den Rand des Universums“.
This is the first screening of the German version of the production „Chasing the Ghost Particle“, which was produced by the Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center and the Milwaukee Public Museum. The 25-minute long film in 360° full-dome format will be complimented with a live presentation by Prof. Alexander Kappes from the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the University Münster about the background of the project and the work at the South Pole. The German edition of the show was produced in cooperation of the LWL-Museum für Naturkunde and the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the University Münster.

The premiere starts at 19:00 o'clock; later entrance is not possible.

Other dates are:
FR 18/01/2019
FR 15/02/2019
FR 07/06/2019
each at 19 o'clock

FR 08/03/2019 | 18 o'clock

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