Newsletter/mailing list

Student Council information mailing list for the students

We’d like you to take note of the following in advance:

  • We do not forward requests to students – neither for participation in studies or polls nor for jobs or anything similar.
  • We set up a system, in which we provide private lessons in physics, math and several minors. If you are interested in offering or taking private lessons feel free to contact us.

Terms of use

Contact: Contacting the Student Council is possible via or through the website

Use: Only the Student Council can send messages to this mailing list. If you have any questions or remarks, please use the contact details above. The Student Council uses the mailing list according to the terms that can be viewed on this page.

Data privacy statement: The email addresses are not shared with the Student Council or individual members since the mailing list is automatically created and managed by the ZIV according to certain criteria. This is based on a decision by the Senate’s IT Committee [de].

Membership: This mailing list is created automatically and the members are added according to defined criteria. Manual additions are thus not possible. Every member can control membership through MyZIV, i. e. join or leave the list. Moreover, a wish not to be included on any of the Student Council’s mailing lists can be set there.

The mailing lists used by the Physics Student Council are used exclusively and responsibly for content which

  • are directly related to the Student Council’s work, e. g.
    • announcements for the summer festival,
    • Student Council information events,
    • information for freshmen (among others the Ersti weekend),
    • information about the course evaluation or Student Council surveys,
  • are provided to us by the Student Union (AStA) or the Student Parliament (StuPa) [de] and have a direct relation to studies,
  • are related to exam or study regulations (in accord with the dean) and
  • which are initiated by the Department (e. g. one-time events) and of which we believe that they could be of interest to you as well as
  • announcements by the jDPG regional group Münster [de], e. g. for events and excursions.

We not use the mailing list for

  • forwarding requests for participation in studies or polls,
  • advertisements, lotteries, freebies or anything similar.