Oral exam transcripts and old written exams

Preparing for exams with transcripts of oral exams and previous exam questions

During our office hours, it’s possible to borrow exam transcripts (of oral exams) and old exams from our collection or to be registered for the online use of these resources. For some time now, we’ve been providing these on the Learnweb (course “FSPHYS”). The enrollment key required to gain access is available in the student council office, as mentioned above. Please note that we only provide access to the electronic versions to members of the WWU and that these files are provided exclusively for your personal use. For legal reasons (such as copyright), the exams are not allowed to be made publicly available (neither by you nor by us).

Why do we provide the transcripts/exams in this way?

You’ve always wanted a simple system to gain permanent and up-to-date access to all written exams and exam transcripts? If so, the time has come to quit all personal cloud storage and to use our comprehensive system as the only source for exams and transcripts. We’re offering you continuously updated PDFs in a permanent online service without having to come running to the student council every time. But this system thrives on your cooperation just the same! We’re always looking for new exams, solutions or transcripts. If can/would like to join and help, get registered on the Learnweb (see above)!

However, this change of system should not deter you from visiting us. We still offer direct advice on all relevant topics concerning studying, including conversations such as who’d be the best examiner for you, in the student council office.

It is not permitted to distribute the PDF files. Access to this permanently updated archive can be obtained directly in the student council office during the specified office hours. We reserve the possibility of changing the structure and passwords, but up-to-date access will always be ensured through this platform.

You can always contact us with comments and requests for change regarding this system at fsphys@uni-muenster.de. If the desired modification or extension of the system (e. g. with forums or additional resources), we will implement them promptly. You can also notify us about errors in the PDF files or solutions and we will correct them all if possible.