The Student Library (“StudiBib”)

The Student Library is located in the IG1 building on the ground floor. It’s the first door on the right side from the entrance from the Wilhelm-Klemm-Straße (at the bottom by the janitors), with the poster saying “Studierendenbibliothek” on the door.

In the “StudiBib”, there are desks for working, sofas and some text books. In the past, the StudiBib was a “real” student library; today, it serves as a group study room.

We have integrated our collection of books (current and useful ones) into the Lernzentrum” (“study center”, library of the Institute of Applied Physics) by now, so that you can view and work/study with these books during the opening hours there. We now freely provide older editions and frequently used “standard works” in the group study rooms StudiBib and StudiO. The rule for these is: “Gone is gone”. So please treat the books carefully and always put them back to their spot. If you miss a book, please let us know so that we can consider a purchase.