M.Sc. Neema Mtenga

AG Angewandte Landschaftsökologie und
Ökologische Planung

Institut für Landschaftsökologie
Heisenbergstr. 2, 48149 Münster

+49(0)251-83 30 103
: neema.mtenga [at] uni-muenster.de

Aufgaben an der WWU/ Fachbereich/ Institut


  • Curriculum vitae

    Academic background
    October 2021 PhD student at the Institute of Landscape Ecology, University of Münster
    2017-2019 NM-AIST M.Sc. Biodiversity and ecosystem Management
    2009-2012 Sokoine University BTarakea High School ACSEE
    2007 -2009 Tarakea High School ACSEE
    2003 -2006 Karatu High school CSEE
    Working experience
    2019-April 2020 Research assistant joint project between Nelson Mandela Institution of science and Technology and Sussex University
    May 2015-June 2016 Research Assistant at Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Iringa, Tanzania
    January 2014 -August 2014 Human Wildlife Conflict Officer at Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI)
    February2013 -January 2014  Wildlife Officer at Kilombero Valley Ramsar Site (Wetland area)

  • Forschung

    • Biological Invasion
    • Biological weed Management
    • Ecological modelling
    • Agricultural and Environmental sciences
    • Natural Resource Management
    • Climate change and Adaptation and Agri ecology
    • Biodiversity sciences
    • Molecular cell biology

  • Mitgliedschaften

  • Publikationen

    • Neema C Mtenga 2018 “Developing an eco-friendly and bio-management strategy against Parthenium hysterophorous (L.) in Arusha Tanzania” Dissertation submitted
    • Neema C Mtenga,Thadeo Mokiti, Patrick Ndakidemi and Ernest Mbega(2018) Carrot-weed: A noxious plant that threatens biodiversity in Africa.American journal of Plant Sciences, published.
    • Neema C Mtenga, Thadeo Mokiti, Patrick Ndakidemi and Ernest Mbega(2018) the suppressive effects of selected plants species for the management of Parthenium hysterophorus L. International journal of plant and Soil Science, published