der AG Angewandte Landschaftsökologie und Ökologische Planung

  • 2021-

    Name Institution

    Nathália Silva

    Nathália stayed in December 2021 and January and February 2022 and worked helping to plan the next BIOBRAS summer school that would take place in Brazil in February, giving a lecture on Brazilian biomes, talking about the culture and how to prepare for the trip to Brazil. She also talked about her doctoral project on the functional ecology of tropical Atlantic forests in Brazil and kept doing her research in the Institute while there.

    Ph.D. Student in Botany
    Laboratory of Ecology and Evolution of Plants - LEEP
    Federal University of Viçosa
    nathaliasilvajn [at]
    Rodrigo Gomes Gorsani

    Rodrigo was present between December 2021 and February 2022 working on the thesis project entitled Campos de Altitude – High Altitude Grasslands: a tropical montane ecosystem threatened by Global Change. This project is dedicated to investigating at a landscape level the impacts of global climate change on the High Altitude Grasslands of the mountainous regions of southern and southeastern Brazil. We also investigated the possibility of invasive species reaching these ecosystems. Species distribution modeling and remote sensing techniques constitute the methodological approach of the project.

    Ph.D. Student in Botany
    Laboratory of Ecology and Evolution of Plants - LEEP
    Federal University of Viçosa
    rogorsani [at]



    Name Institution
    Dr. Dayana Almeida
    Dayana stayed in May and june 2019 and was working on the project "Delineating Priority Areas for Sustainable Management of the Grasslands from Campos Gerais, Brazil", funded by the Internationalization Fund of WWU. Her research focuses on identifying invasive woody species in the grasslands of Campos Gerais and developing management strategies using GIS and remote sensing techniques. The methodologigal approach is closely linked to the research lines that we followed in the project INSPECTED.NET and the activities of the RG in New Zealand.
    Federal University of São Carlos

    Ricardo Meireles

    Ricardo was present from April to May 2019 where he was able to discuss the direction of his doctoral research. He worked with a genus of birds from open habitats and distributed throughout South America, using species distribution modeling. He also participated in a course given by Ricardo Solar and Jan Lemman on neglected ecosystems in Brazil

    Prof. Dr. Ricardo Solar
    Ricardo was visiting Münster in May and gave a course from May 13th to 15th in tropical ecology.

    Alex Coelho

    Universität Viςosa
    Herval Pinto Universität Viςosa
    César Pedrosa Soares USP


  • 2015-2017

    Name Institution
    Dr. rer. nat. Ahmed Abdelhalim M Hassan Universität Kairo
    M.Sc. Gustavo Heringer LEEP
    M. Sc. Écio Souza Diniz Universität Viςosa