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How much ethics does climate protection need?

How should climate protection measures be justified? Are there limits to purely rational arguments for complex and costly climate protection, which may also encroach on the individual's rights of freedom? Can there be a social consensus for ambitious climate protection and on what is it based? What values and sense of responsibility for the life chances of future generations does the individual and society have? Questions like these are the subject of the second evening of the "Münster Climate Talks".

With ZIN member Prof. Dr. Marianne Heimbach-Steins and Rev. Volker Rotthauwe, we want to discuss what such socially shared convictions could consist of, beyond rational considerations of usefulness and beyond a morally charged "climate religion". The organizers, among others the Volkshochschule, the Center for Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research at the University of Münster (ZIN) and the Umweltforum hope for an intensive exchange with all participants of the evening. Prof. Dr. Tillmann Buttschardt from the ZIN will moderate the event.

Further information about the event can be found here.