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07.06.2017A. Lubotzky "First order rigidity of high-rank arithmetic groups"
20.01.2017Zwischen Philosophie und Mathematik - Eine Erinnerung an Heinrich Scholz 1884-1956Zwischen Philosophie und Mathematik - Eine Erinnerung an Heinrich Scholz (1884-1956)
20.01.2017Cheryl Praeger Australia "Infinite permutation groups with all infinite normal subgroups transitive"
10.06.2016Kolloquium zur Mathematischen Logik S. Müller-Stach: "Periods"
07.06.2016M. Beriashvili "Some set theoretical aspects of measurability"
13.05.2016MMM "Approximate subgroups 4"
12.05.2016MMM "Motivic Integration 3"
12.05.2016MMM "Approximate subgroups 3"
11.05.2016MMM "Motivic Integration 2"
10.05.2016MMM "Motivic Integration 1"
10.05.2016MMM "Approximate subgroups 2"
09.05.2016MMM "Approximate subgroups 1"
06.05.2016MMM "Geometric stability theory 4"
06.05.2016MMM "Profinite and pseudofinite groups 4"
05.05.2016MMM "Geometric stability theory 3"
05.05.2016MMM "Profinite and pseudofinite groups 3"
04.05.2016MMM "Geometric stability theory 2"
03.05.2016MMM "Profinite and pseudofinite groups 2"
02.05.2016MMM "Profinite and pseudofinite groups 1"
29.04.2016MMM "Model theory of valued fields 4"
29.04.2016MMM "NIP and definable amenable groups 4"
28.04.2016MMM "Model theory of valued fields 3"
28.04.2016MMM "NIP and definable amenable groups 3"
27.04.2016MMM "Model theory of valued fields 2"
26.04.2016MMM "Model theory of valued fields 1"
26.04.2016MMM "NIP and definable amenable groups 2"
25.04.2016MMM "NIP and definable amenable groups 1"
22.04.2016MMM "Introduction to valued fields 4"
22.04.2016MMM "Introduction to stability theory 4"
21.04.2016MMM "Introduction to valued fields 3"
20.04.2016MMM "Introduction to valued fields 2"
19.04.2016MMM "Introduction to valued fields 1"
19.04.2016MMM "Introduction to stability theory 2"
18.04.2016MMM "Introduction to stability theory 1"
19.05.2015R. Jensen HU Berlin "Subcomplete and other forcings", 19.05.2015, 16c.t., im SR 1D
09.05.2014D. Ikegami Turin "Large cardinals, forcing axioms, and the theory of subsets of \omega_1"
05.03.2014J. de la Nuez Gonzalez "JSJ decompositions of the free group relative to a set of multiwords from a topological prospective"
27.02.2014Adriane Kaïchouh "Amenability and convex Ramsey theory"
20.02.2014A. Jamneshan "Conditional Set Theory"
20.02.2014J. Wiscons "Actions on sets of Morley rank 2"
17.01.2014P. Zambrano Bogota "Hrushovski Constructions and non-elementary classes"
19.12.2013M. Kojman "Asymptotic combinatorics beyond the countable infinity"
26.06.2012J. Zapletal "Free set property for calibrated ideals"
19.06.2012B. Miller "Generic inexistence of stationary probability measures"
12.06.2012C. Conley "Brooks' theorem for group actions"
19.01.2012J. Clemens "Combinatorial structure for analytic equivalence relations"
08.12.2011V. Gregoriades Darmstadt "The complexity of the set of points of continuity of a multi-valued function"
01.12.2011S. Geschke Bonn "Structural results about continuous n-colorings"
23.11.2011D. Aspero Wien "Measuring club-sequences, together with CH"
17.11.2011M. Malicki Polish Academy of Sciences "Trees, ultrametric spaces and their automorphism groups"
20.10.2011K. Slutsky Münster/UIUC Graev metrics on free products and HNN extensions of groups with two-sided invariant metrics.
23.09.2011Artem Chernikov "Simple types"
15.11.2010Philipp Lücke "External automorphisms of ultraproducts of finite models"
03.05.2010W. Hugh Woodin UC Berkeley "The inner model problem and the search for the ultimate L"
18.03.2010A. Fornasiero "Introduction to surreal numbers"
03.07.2009Martin Hils Paris "Generic automorphisms and expansions of algebraically closed fields "
02.07.2009K.F. Wehmeier UC Irvine "Ist die Identität eine Relation?"
29.06.2009John R. Steel Berkeley "More Mice"
26.06.2009Andreas Baudisch HU, Berlin "Hrushovski Constructions and Groups"
12.06.2009Dugald Macpherson Leeds "Homogenous Structures"
29.05.2009Grigor Sargsyan UC Berkeley "The core model induction beyond L(R)"