Targeting immune cell dynamics by longitudinal wholebody imaging and mathematical modelling

Principal investigators: Klaus Schäfers, Benedikt Wirth
Project number: CRC 1450 A05
Project term: 01/2021–12/2024

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We develop strategies for tracking and quantifying (immune) cell populations or even single cells in long-term (days) whole-body PET studies in mice and humans (1). This will be achieved through novel acquisition protocols, measured and simulated phantom data (2), use of prior information from MRI and microscopy, mathematical modelling, and mathematical analysis of image reconstruction with novel regularization paradigms based on optimal transport (3).

Particular applications include imaging and tracking of macrophages and neutrophils following myocardial ischemia-reperfusion or in arthritis and sepsis (4) with a future potential to translate into clinical algorithms (5).


Principal investigators

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The names of the principal investigators in our network have been bolded. Publications released prior to 2021, when funding for our network commenced, represent previous project-related work.

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