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Technology & Medical Physics Lab (Prof. Klaus Schäfers)

We develop new imaging technologies for high-precision molecular imaging. Our research is strongly focused on high-resolution, high-sensitive PET imaging technics with three main projects:

  • Eliminating motion artifacts in PET/CT and PET/MRI via motion detection and correction procedures
  • Improving spatial resolution and sensitivity in small animal PET using multi-wire proportional chamber-based technology
  • Developing new detectors for improved time-of-flight PET using fluid TMBi and Cherenkov light readout
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    MR/PET motion correction from coil fingerprints

    This proposal is devoted to the development, clinical implementation and evaluation of a novel, real-time,
    motion correction methodology for concurrent MR/PET acquisitions. Available methods for data acquisition and
    reconstruction in MR/PET scanners do not fully capitalize on the simultaneous imaging capabilities of the
    commercially available MR/PET instrumentation. These capabilities could be used to obtain real-time
    information for the removal of motion artifacts from the PET images without significantly affecting the workflow
    of the corresponding MRI examination. The proposed
    methodology will lead to improved sensitivity and quantitative accuracy for PET scans when they are simultaneously acquired during the course of an MR/PET examination. Such improvements will lead to better detection, staging and surveillance of small (<1cm) abdominal lesions, which assessment is currently limited due to excessive signal loss from motion blur.

    Principale Investigator: Fernando Boada (NYU) et al., Klaus Schäfers (EIMI)
    Project term: 05/2020 - 01/2024
    Project number: NIH 1-R01-EB029306-01

    © CRC inSight

    Targeting immune cell dynamics by longitudinal wholebody imaging and mathematical modelling

    The aim of this project is to develop strategies for tracking and quantifying (immune) cell populations or even single cells in long-term (days) whole-body PET studies in mice and humans. This will be achieved through novel acquisition protocols, measured and simulated phantom data, use of prior information from MRI and microscopy, mathematical modelling, and mathematical analysis of image reconstruction with novel regularization paradigms based on optimal transport. Particular applications include imaging and tracking of macrophages and neutrophils following myocardial ischemia-reperfusion or in arthritis and sepsis with a future potential to translate into clinical algorithms.

    Principal investigators: Klaus Schäfers (EIMI), Benedikt Wirth
    Project term: 01/2021–12/2024
    Project number: CRC1450 - A05 | DFG Collaborative Research Centre 1450 “inSight – Multiscale imaging of organ-specific inflammation”

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  • Patents

    Hayes C, Ladebeck R, Schäfers K. Method for motion correction of emission computed tomography data by way of magnetic resonance tomography data. US-20140357980; publication date: 04/12/2014.