Tailored coordination compounds as multimodal labels for multiscale imaging

Principal investigator: Cristian A. Strassert
Project number: CRC 1450 A02
Project term: 01/2021–12/2024

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We will develop new coordination chemical concepts towards chromophores able to irreversibly chelate diverse cations therefore acting as multiscale imaging labels (1). With this novel approach, no modification of the biodistribution of labelled ligands is expected upon exchange of the coordinated atom for different imaging modes providing information on identical targets at various temporo-spatial scales (2,3).

Together with the new targeting units and bioorthogonal labelling technologies proposed in this CRC, a universal multiscale labelling toolbox is envisaged. This will allow to interrogate living systems at various scales (4) and finally also merging identical information across scales.


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The names of the principal investigators in our network have been bolded. Publications released prior to 2021, when funding for our network commenced, represent previous project-related work.


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