The image motif of this year's conference: a 3D computer reconstruction of microscopic images of a human skin biopsy. A new method enabled distinct visualization of the spatial arrangement of blood vessels (white) and lymphatic vessels (red).
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2nd Inflammation & Imaging Symposium and Opening of the Multiscale Imaging Centre (MIC)

Münster, Germany, 12–14 September 2022

Meeting venue: Multiscale Imaging Centre, University of Münster, Röntgenstraße 16, D-48149 Münster
(The building is accessible.)

Please save the date! Registration opens in Spring.

We cordially invite you to join our symposium and discuss the latest developments in research on inflammation and the imaging of the immune system with internationally renowned speakers.

We are eager to meet in person and particularly excited to take the opportunity, with this symposium, to announce the inaugural scientific event in our new research building – the Multiscale Imaging Centre at the University of Münster. Working groups from medicine, the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science will move into the building this year. The modern auditorium and the light-flooded foyer, which is adorned by a twelve-meter-high artwork, offer a great atmosphere and will serve as a central meeting point for our scientific community in the field of cell dynamics and imaging. During the symposium, you will also have the opportunity to visit our laboratories.

The Inflammation & Imaging Symposium is jointly organised by several research networks from the University of Münster that are closely interlinked through shared subject matter and researchers. This year, the Collaborative Research Centre 1450 “inSight – Multiscale imaging of organ-specific inflammation” takes the lead.

If you need childcare during the conference, we will be happy to support you. Please get in touch by 26 August so that we have sufficient time to make the necessary arrangements.

This event will be regulated according to the Coronavirus Protection Regulations and rulings issued by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia [de].

The symposium takes place at the University of Münster’s new Multiscale Imaging Centre.
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