Living in Münster

Münster is a very popular place to live – and not only among students. This means that student accommodation in Münster can be quite expensive and hard to come by. Finding affordable accommodation is always challenging, but it's especially difficult at the beginning of the semester. For students with disabilities who require special living arrangements, finding a suitable flat can be even more difficult. The important thing is to start looking for accommodation as early as possible even if you haven't yet received a study place. There are various organisations and services which can help students with disabilities find handicap-friendly accommodation.
There are several halls of residence in Münster which offer disabled students the possibility of creating their own personalised living solutions and furnishing their rooms in ways that best meet their specific needs. The city of Münster also offers special accommodation advice [de] on how to design and modify living space to make it more handicap-friendly.

Services of the Studierendenwerk Münster

The Studierendenwerk Münster oversees the rental of a wide selection of single rooms, apartments and flat-shares throughout the city. These rooms and flats are relatively inexpensive and are specially designed to meet students' needs. The waiting times for such accommodation, however, can be quite long, so it pays off to apply early. Applicants are not required to provide proof of enrolment at the time of application. The notification of admission and the enrolment certificate can be submitted later.
Students with disabilities receive preferential treatment when a room or flat becomes available, provided they require handicapped-accessible accommodation due to an existing disability (e.g. wheelchair-accessible flat, equipment for the blind or visually impaired). Applicants must substantiate their special needs by including a copy of their certificate of disability. Preferential allocation of student accommodation can also be substantiated by a medicate certificate or appraisal from a physician or medical specialist which explicitly describes the required features of a handicapped-friendly accommodation.

We recommend that you contact the Studierendenwerk before applying to discuss the services and possibilities available to you so that you can find the form of accommodation which best suits your needs.

Studierendenwerk Münster
Infobüro - Studentisches Wohnen
Bismarckallee 5
48151 Münster
Tel: +49 251 83-79553


Hall of residence of the Catholic Student Community

The Catholic Student Community operates the student residence hall Collegium Marianum. Six of 100 furnished single rooms (with shower and WC, telephone and Internet connection) are designed for wheelchair accessibility. The hall also contains several flat shares for six to fourteen students and includes a joint kitchen and common room. You can submit your application either online or by post (download the application forms at:

Johannes Fleer
Section coordinator
Pedagogical study support
Tel: +49 251 495 19400