Technical aids

Technical study aids, such as structural modifications, computer-based support or technical solutions for problems in everyday academic life, should be considered with regard to the individual and his/her specific impairment. The aim is to determine the student's specific needs and find suitable solutions to meet these needs. Often it is best to request integration assistance from the municipal social welfare office (for more details, read about disability-related additional costs). At the same time, the University is committed to ensuring that all students have the possibility to equally participate in university life. This especially applies to providing handicapped accessibility to buildings and technical equipment in the lecture halls and seminar rooms. For further information please contact the Disability and Access Resource Centre. 

In the following, you will find information about the technical aids provided by the University of Münster, including those intended to compensate for disadvantages while studying.

Handicapped-accessible university

Campus map, building access and equipment

The University of Münster offers a campus map of all University buildings located throughout the city of Münster along with general information on handicapped-accessible entrances and lavatories equipped for the disabled. Using the search function, you can quickly locate the building or facility you wish to find.

Despite the fact that many buildings are historical landmarks, the majority of classrooms and lecture halls at the faculties are handicapped accessible. Nonetheless, disabled students may encounter difficulties such as hard-to-open doors, tripping hazards and random obstacles, preventing them from properly studying in the lecture halls, seminar rooms and libraries.  It is helpful to notify the Disability and Access Resource Centre as it can usually resolve the problem quickly or draw on past experience to find a solution.

Disability and Access Resource Centre
Tobias Grunwald
Tel.: +49 (0)251 83 22015 [de]

University Library (ULB) services

In addition to the handicapped accessible entrance (apart from occasionally misparked bicycles blocking the lift), the University Library (ULB) offers specially reserved lockers for disabled students and two handicapped-accessible lavatories at the main building at Krummen Timpen. It also offers various technical solutions for digitalising texts which are not yet available via existing online services. Furthermore, library staff is available to provide assistance with researching for literature and borrowing books. For students who cannot personally search and borrow items from the ULB on account of their disability have the option of using the ULB's research service and authorising someone to pick up their books for them.
For more information about the services provided by the ULB and contact details, visit: [de]

PC workstation for blind and visually impaired students

The workstation for the blind and visually impaired is available to students in all University faculties. In addition to the standard hardware, the workstation includes a scanner, tactile Braille strip and a Braille printer. Blind and visually impaired students can take advantage of special software which offers magnification functions, acoustic signals and monitor controls for displaying content.
The workstation can also be used in examinations in consultation with the invigilator and following a short demonstration. The workstation is located at the Centre for Information Processing (ZIV) at Einsteinstr. 60, room 112.

For more information, please contact:

Einsteinstr. 60, 48149 Münster
Tel: +49 251 83-31600

Quiet rooms

Some students require quiet rooms where they can withdraw for a while and relax. Such rooms are available in many faculties and central buildings. To learn where these are located, please contact the respective faculty representative for disabled students. Inside the Schloss, there is a quiet room equipped with a cot, writing table and washing facilities. If you wish to use the room, please inform the custodian of the Schloss.

Custodian (Schloss foyer)
Schlossplatz 2, 48149 Münster
Tel: +49 251 83-22100

Parking possibilities

Students with a mobility impairment can receive a parking permit upon request that entitles them to use University parking spaces. The staff of the Facility Management Department in the Central University Administration is responsible for issuing parking permits.

Central University Administration
Facility Management Dept (5.0)
Franziska Eickholt
Tel: +49 251 83-22137

Nadine de Castro Freitas
Tel: +49 251 83-22858

Externally provided services

Sehkon - Literature catalogue for the visually impaired

Sehkon is a catalogue specially designed for the visually impaired and is operated and maintained by the University of Dortmund. The catalogue currently contains over 14,000 references to media for the visually impaired with converted citable literature at German academic libraries. Sehkon also lists planned conversions in order to avoid the duplication of time-consuming conversion projects. [de]