Student Inclusion Tutors

Since 2019, the University offers Inclusion Tutors, which are student contact points at each faculty. Their task is mainly to forward information about specific offers related to inclusion to students, as well as providing feedback to lecturers for creating barrier-free lectures, course materials, and an overall barrier-free study environment. In doing so, the Disability and Access Resource Centre and the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) provide them with support.

Contact of the Inclusion Tutors:

FB 4: School of Business and Economics
Jan Plattes
Course of study: Business Administration

FB 7: Faculty of Psychology/Sport and Exercise Sciences
Tabea Krause
Course of study: Psychology

Carolin Scholz
Course of study: Master of Education Sport und Mathematics

FB 8: Faculty of History and Philosophy
Clara Gutjahr
Course of study: Philosophy

FB 9: Faculty of Philology
Melek Ayar
Course of study: Islamic Studies and Arabic

Laura Schmitz-Justen
Course of study: British, American and Postcolinal Studies (Englisches Seminar)

FB 10: Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Lena Verst
Course of study: Teaching degree for elementary schools (Sachunterricht)

Carolin Scholz
Course of study: Master of Education Mathematics & Sport

FB 12: Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Leon Schlosser
Course of study: Chemistry

FB 14: Faculty of Geosciences
Pia Löttert
Course of study: Landscape Ecology

Jakob Griese
Course of study: Landscape Ecology

Tobias Rother
Course of study: Geography