What happens with your complaint?

The first person to review your complaint is a representative in the central Complaints Office, a staff member of the "Academic and Student Affairs" department (dept. 1.7). Following initial review, the representative determines the faculty, institute or department of the University, to which the content of the complaint pertains, or which could play a role in resolving the issue.

Before forwarding your complaint (anonymised, if desired) to the respective department(s) of the University, the central Complaints Office representative regularly seeks the expertise of various departments (e.g. Quality of University Teaching dept., legal dept., Student Admissions Office, Examination Offices, etc.). After the matter is forwarded to the relevant department(s), the representative ensures that the problem/complaint is resolved as quickly as possible. When a solution is found, you will be notified by email.

Resolving such complaints usually involves multiple individuals and departments. Therefore, we ask you to be patient as some problems can take time before they can be remedied.