Code of Conduct

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Dear Members of the University of Münster,

The strength of our university is rooted in the constructive cooperation of many people with many different tasks in research, teaching, transfer and operations. In the following Code of Conduct, we summarise how we wish to interact with one another and what values and orientations we want to uphold, as has been formulated in numerous University documents before.

These general principles of good conduct supplement externally prescribed rules and University agreements which are predominantly of legal or procedural nature. With their emphasis on ethical aspects, they provide guidance for managing conflicts of interest, reducing risks and assuming responsibility. Moreover, they offer orientation and serve as the basis for all our actions.

The Rectorate

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    Assuming shared responsibility for our actions

    We complete our tasks according to their requirements and attendant responsibilities to the best of our ability. We differentiate clearly between professional and personal interests.

    Moreover, we are conscious of the University’s social responsibility that it assumes through our activities in teaching, research, transfer and administration.

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    Treating each other with respect and appreciation

    We treat each other with respect and tolerance in keeping with the University’s practice of trusting, constructive and supportive collaboration. We respect the rights of others, ensure that everyone can express their own viewpoint and critically assess our own and others’ perspectives.

    We recognise achievements beyond our own organisational units and disciplinary cultures, and we take into account the subsidiary structure of the University of Münster.

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    Understanding diversity and equality as an asset and opportunity

    The diversity of our employees each with their individual backgrounds and genders, with their characteristics, areas of competence and perspectives is both the motor and mission of the University of Münster.

    We live and experience diversity and gender equality every day by learning from one another, exchanging opinions openly, self-reflecting and surmounting mutual challenges.

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    Recognising and addressing misconduct, learning from mistakes

    Our values and rules help us avoid, reflect on and learn from our mistakes. We do not tolerate misconduct, such as violations of good scientific practice, abuse of power, corruption, discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying or stalking.

    In order to recognise, reduce and avoid such misconduct at an early stage, we at the University of Münster use established, transparent procedures and processes.

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    Promoting transparency through open communication

    Transparency encourages us to engage and assume responsibility. Understandable and objective communication between one another and with the world helps generate the ideal conditions for transparency.

    This is further supported when we reasonably justify our decisions, keep an open mind to factual criticism and support the open exchange of different points of view.

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    Implementing sustainability in our areas of responsibility

    In the future we wish to align ourselves and our activities even more strongly with the principle of sustainability.

    We recognise our function as role models for implementing sustainable development in all our areas of responsibility. Furthermore, we accept responsibility for shaping societal development in a future-oriented manner and preserving our life-sustaining resources.

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    Shaping the future together

    The University’s future viability rests upon our members’ commitment and competence, as well as their well-organised collaboration. We wish to safeguard and strengthen our viability by means of transparent and participative processes.

    In the face of changing demands, we regard this as an ongoing task and accept the changes it brings.